The officers of this Association feel the spirit of competition should be kept alive and nourished so that all Units will want to enter into the fun and gaiety that prevails at our Shrine conventions and competition.




A.   Conduct and Discipline                                      

1.     The promotion and advancement of Shrine Clowning is the uppermost reason for participation in competition. For this reason, conduct of all individuals must be consistent with specified Shrine Code of Conduct.


2.     While each individual must govern himself, it becomes necessary that each Unit Head assist by governing the conduct of his members. Any conduct that would bring unfavorable criticism upon the Shrine, A Shrine Clown Unit, or clowning in general could result in a member being disqualified from competition.


3.     Participating Clowns, acts or stunts per A.N.O.N.M.S. shall:


a.    Not drink any intoxicating beverages before or while in make-up and costume.


b.    Not wear a costume or use any equipment that may be offensive to this Association or to the general public.


c.    Not use any obscene gestures or language while appearing in costume, make-up or uniform.


d.    Not impersonate a woman, race or other minority group which might reflect unfavorably upon the Association.


e.    Not smoke in costume in public.


f.     Not use any live animals or fowl, domestic or wild, nor reptiles.


g.    Not use full or partial facemask of any type.


h.    Strive to look their best as a true clown.


 i.   Not abuse spectators by subjecting them to practical humiliating jokes or by squirting or shocking.


(Note: The President or his emissary shall, at his discretion, have full authority to discipline, including ejection from functions of this Association, any member who does not abide by the Code of Conduct as listed above.)


B.    Eligibility


All clowns from Units in good standing in this Association are eligible to participate in the competition (regardless of whether your unit is present at the TEXAS SHRINE CLOWN ASSOCIATION MID-WINTER).


C.    Presentation of Awards


Trophies and/or awards will be presented at an Awards Affair following the competition, or such other time and place as the President may direct. Winners will not be announced until this time.


D.   Trophies and awards for mid-winter to be funded by T.S.C.A. up to $850.00 maximum expense.




A.   The T.S.C.A. 1st Vice-President is Chairman of the Clowning Competition. The T.S.C.A. President will have the responsibility for the selection of judges for competition. The Parliamentarian will have the responsibility for the final interpretation of the judging rules.


B.    Judges will not be selected from the Texas Shrine Clown Association. 


C.    A minimum of three (3) judges will be utilized. Preferably, all three will have a minimum of five (5) years of clowning experience.


D.   Each judge will complete score sheets as appropriate and as directed by the T.S.C.A. 1st Vice-President.


      Score sheets will be turned into the T.S.C. A. President for final tallying the completion of the judging of each individual in the TOP FIVE of each category.


E.   NO ONE may speak to judges during the competition unless answering a direct question. Exception: The T.S.C.A. 1ST Vice-President, or his personal delegates.


F.    All judging shall be done at the competition site.




A.   Individual Clown make-up and Costume Competition


There has been much discussion as to the various classes for individual clown competition. A clown may enter only one category. An individual must decide what type clown he is portraying and declare himself accordingly. There are few absolute rules regarding the various categories. One clown will look upon himself as a Whiteface where another clown might consider him as Auguste type. Certainly the costume and make-up must go hand-in-hand, but the particular performance also plays an important part as to the type of character being portrayed.


1.   WHITEFACE CLOWN: The Whiteface Clown is the classic Pierrot, harlequin clown face. All white, with features (eyebrows, nose, mouth) painted on in black and red. Other decoration in various other colors. The Whiteface is not unpleasant to look at; he had decent manners and his performance is generally artistic in nature. He usually appears to be in command of any situation he finds himself in.


2.    AUGUSTE CLOWN: The Auguste Clown is the character clown. He is the comic face. Base color, pink or reddish instead of white. Features (red and black) are exaggerated in size. Mouth, usually thickly outlined with white, which is often used also around the eyes. The Auguste is the most slapstick of all clowns; his action wilder, broader than the other types. The Auguste gets away with more and bigger pranks.  He may be impeccably garbed in clothes that do not fit, or his costume may be elaborate. 


3.    THE TRAMP OR HAPPY HOBO CLOWN: The Tramp or Happy Hobo Clown is the third category used for judging competition. Again the overall effect of make-up, costuming and performance must complement the character being portrayed. A Tramp might be a happy or sad and soulful. This shabby vagabond is the individual for whom nothing ever goes right. The Happy Hobo is the Hobo Clown that has a smile and is happy.


4.   THE CHARACTER CLOWN: The Character Clown is the fourth category open for competition. Here is where any specific individual may be caricaturized or portrayed in good taste, such as Charlie Chaplin, Laurel, Hardy, W.C. Fields, Smokey Stover, Keystone Kops, Lord Fauntleroy, Mickey Mouse, and on and on. However, NO MASKS will be allowed. Patented individuals can not be used unless permission has been granted. Character clowns will wear clown makeup and have a clownish appearance with includes his costume; as well as his makeup. Character clowns may carry props in their hands if the prop embellishes and enhances the overall clown character being portrayed. Tramp or Hobo clowns will compete in the Tramp or Hobo competition and not as a Character Clown.


5.   THE SENIOR CLOWN: The Senior Clown is the fifth category and you must be age 55 or older to compete. The Senior Clown includes all classifications of clowns and seniors will compete as one group.


6.   Novice Clown:  The novice clown has never been to a mid-winter or competed in costume and make-up competition during his first 24 months after joining TSCA.  The novice includes all classifications of clowns and will compete as one group


Contestants can enter only one ( 1 ) of these categories and must declare it before the competition starts.



1.     Any individual clown who meets the eligibility requirements may participate. It is again emphasized that your Unit does not have to be present at the T.S.C.A. Mid-Winter.


2.     A. First, Second and Third place awards in each of the following six (6) categories will be made:


(1) Whiteface (Costume and Make-up only)

(2) Auguste (Costume & Make-up only)

(3) Tramp-Happy Hobo (Costume and Make-up only)

(4) Character (Costume and Make-up only)

(5) Senior (Any Costume and Make-up listed above)

(6) Novice Clowns-First Mid-Winter (Any Costume and Make-up listed above).


B.   In addition, Certificates of Merit will be presented to the Top FIVE in each category at the awards ceremony.


3.       Clowns will be grouped and presented for judging according to the category they wish to enter.


4.       Upon being directed each clown will walk onto the prescribed platform of dais, do a complete turn-around so they may be viewed from all sides. As soon as the judges are satisfied, they will dismiss the clown. The next contestant will not enter the judging area until the previous contestant has cleared the area.


5.       During all judging there will be ABSOLUTELY no objects in contestants hands, no electrical devices, no flashing lights, etc. except for Character Clowns.


6.       There will be no performing in the judging area.


7.       Judging will be based on costume, make-up, facial expressions, etc. Talking is not allowed by contestants unless answering a direct question of a judge.


8.       The judges will not touch the contestants.


9.       Clowns shall observe all items listed under Code of Conduct.


10.     Make-up must be complete. The exposed areas of flesh around the ears and the back of the neck are as important to the clown image as the face and throat areas and must be covered (except for Tramps, Characters, and Happy Hobos).


11.     Make-up must be powdered down as appropriate.


12.     Make-up should compliment the character being portrayed and should not detract from the overall effect.


13.     Gloves are required of all Whiteface and Auguste clowns. Tramps and Happy Hobo clowns may wear gloves as appropriate. If worn, they should help to portray the character.


14.     Patches: All identification tags, badges, and/or patches must be removed or concealed (example: clown name tags, unit clown heads, etc.)


15.     Competition Identity Number: Each member participating in competition shall be given a number for identification. This number must be worn on the outside of the costume in front above the waist for all competition.


16.   The attached Individual Clown Competition Score Sheet will be used in judging the Individual Clown Competition.


These rules supersede all other Rules heretofore published by the Association and shall be in until such time as they are superseded or rescinded by The Executive Committee.












1.       Does the make-up portray a character, or is it simple lines painted on?

2.       Does the face fit the particular character being portrayed?

3.       Is make-up complete, well powdered, smooth, neat?

4.       Does wig, skull cap, or other head covering compliment the character?

5.       Is costume clean and in good taste?

6.       Are accessories used (footwear and gloves)? Do they compliment the costume?






1.       Does the make-up portray a character, or is it simple lines painted on?

2.       Does the face fit the particular character being portrayed?

3.       Is make-up completed? If exposed, are ears done, back of neck finished, is make-up applied smoothly and powdered completely, lines neat, under chin finished?


4.       Does wig, skull cap, or other head covering compliment the character?

5.       Is costume neat and clean?

6.       Is costume in good taste and colorful?

7.       Are the accessories used, such as footwear and gloves, polished and clean? Do they  match or compliment the costume?


8.       Does costume, make-up and overall appearance show originality?




A.      One Man skit Competition;

1.     All ISCA Rules and Regulations shall apply to the one man skit competition

2.     A clown may only compete in one-one man skit


B.      Two Man Skit Competition;

1.     All ISCA Rules and Regulations shall apply to the two man skit competition

2.     Any clown may compete in two-two man skits.  The clown may not use the same partner twice.