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Eddie Cox- Hella



                                                       October 16, 2004

                                       Executive Special Called Meeting


There was a special call executive meeting and brunch held at the Hella Shrine Clown Facility on Saturday October 16, 2004.


President Eddie “Fireplug” Cox called the meeting to order at 11:19 AM. 


President Eddie “Fireplug” Cox thanked everyone for taking the time out of their busy schedules to attend the meeting. 


TSCA Chaplain Don “Lil-Bit” Henson gave invocation.  First Vice President Joe Lester led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.


The following TSCA Officers and members were in attendance.  Eddie Cox TSCA President, Joe Lester TSCA 1st Vice President, Dwayne Cochran TSCA 2nd Vice President, Robert Mantle TSCA Secretary/ Treasurer, Randell Dunn TSCA Parliamentarian, Donald Henson TSCA Chaplain, Robert Chesser TSCA Assemblymen. TSCA Members, Jim Wells, Chad Cox, Vernon Holgain, Larry Christensen, Steve Ditsworth, Charles Holland, Joe Corley, and Odell Kolaczkowski.


President Eddie Cox presented the TSCA officers present with a personal ID Badge. Eddie requests all officers to wear their badges to all TSCA functions.


President Eddie Cox reminded everyone that the Mid-Winter dates would be March 10th through 13th. 2005.  Midwinter will be held will be held at the Hampton Inn at 1700 Rodeo Drive in Mesquite at the Mesquite Rodeo grounds.   All Mid-Winter data and registration forms will be posted on the Clown Web-Site in a few weeks.


Eddie stated the theme for mid-winter will be remembering the past as we look to the future.  The Texas Shrine Clown Association started in 1960.  Eddie Cox feels there are a lot of memories about the Association and he would like to bring some of them up.  Eddie will be sending out a letter to all unit Presidents requesting information on all units, their beginning to present.  President Eddie Cox will be requesting information and picture’s of all Past TSCA Presidents so that each can be honored at the awards dinner on Saturday night.


One of the topics for discussion was the involvement of the elected Assemblymen.  Eddie Cox would like the Assemblymen to be more involved with the judging at mid-winter and state.  President Cox will bring the matter up for discussion at the Clown Mid-Winter in March.


The discussion of changing and making corrections to the TSCA judging forms were discussed.  Joe Cole Past President of the Texas Shrine Clown Association submitted some ideas and suggestions to enhance the current judging forms.  Copies of Joes forms were distributed along with the current TSCA judging forms for discussion.  After an extensive discussion it was agreed to adapt some of the suggestions and changes.  A motion was made by Robert Chesser and second by Randell Dunn to except the changes.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.  The changes will be presented to the membership at Mid-Winter in March.













1st Vice President

Joe Lester-Arabia


2nd Vice President

Wayne Cochran-Sharon



Bob Mantle - Hella



Don Henson-Hella



Randall Dunn - Hella



Robert Chesse-Khiva Lubbock

Don Billings-Arabia

Eddie Wood-Moslah


Past Presidents and

Board of Directors


‘60-’61 Barney Koepp-BEN HUR*

‘61-’62 Max O. Slade-BEN HUR*

‘62-’63 Jack Walders-KHIVA*

‘63-’64 Fred Stancliff Sr.-ARABIA*

‘64-’65 Clint McKethan-KAREM

‘65-’66 Ralph L. Davis-SHARON

‘66-’67 L. Troy Woerner-HELLA*

‘67-’68 L. Ed Travis-ALZAFAR

‘68-’69 Al E. Peveto-EL MINA

‘69-’70 Harold Bristol-MASKAT

‘70-’71 J.R. Brady-MOSLAH

‘71-’72 Cecil Gilum-SUEZ

‘72-’73 Alvin H. Jones-BEN HUR

‘73-’74 Porter Ridlehuber-KAREM*

‘74-’75 Bill Coffey-ALZAFAR*

‘75-’76 C. L. Osborn-ARABIA

‘76-’77 J. H. Armstrong-EL MINA

‘77-’78 John W. Brown-SHARON*

‘78-’79 J. Tom Shelton-MOSLAH *

‘79-’80 W. C. Watts-EL MINA*

‘80-’81 Eddie Jones-BEN HUR

‘81-’82 Marion Moore-KHIVA*

‘82-’83 Joe Gulinson-ALZAFAR*

‘83-’84 John S. Gordon-ARABIA

‘84-’85 Homer Kennedy-SHARON

‘85-’86 Dale Kell-SUEZ

‘86-’87 Randall Dunn-HELLA

‘87-’88 James Blackburn-EL MINA

‘88-’89 Coy Hart-MOSLAH

‘89-’90 Joe Cole-BEN HUR

‘90-’91 Gordon Williams-ALZAFAR *

‘91-’92 Floyd Crawley-SHARON

‘92-’93 Don Billings-ARABIA

‘93-’94 Mike Coffey-ALZAFAR

‘94-’95 Bill Arrendale-BEN HUR

‘95-’96 Kenny Williams-KAREM

‘96-’97 Barney Johnson-SUEZ

‘97-’98 Pete Peters-SHARON

‘98-’99 Dennis Greenawald-Hella

Wesley Henson*

‘99-’00 Butch Davis-Al Amin

’00-’01 H. Leighton Roddy-Moslah

’01-’02 Bennie Bowers-Alzafar

‘02-‘03 Jim Fite-Sharon *

’03-‘04 George White-Moslah





President Eddie Cox addressed the Rules and Regulation for the conduct and judging of competition for the Texas Shrine Clown Association.  Under Article 111 Judging Section “C”.  Judges Instruction Meeting.   Eddie said he would be holding this years judges meeting following the Clown Breakfast at TSA.   Several of the units are having trouble making the judges meeting on Thursday afternoon. The Friday morning meeting will provide adequate time because competition does-not starts until late afternoon on Friday.  Letters will be sent to all unit Presidents notifying them of this change.  The time and place will be in the letter.   This will be discussed at Clown Mid-Winter.


At this year Mid-Winter President Eddie Cox is going to issue a Presidents award.  There will be awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competition.  Here are the rules for competition.


1.        All clown units may compete, can use 3 or more clowns.  Only one person can be made-up per unit.

2.        Take a person from street clothes to a full clown look. Make-up, Costume, Clown Shoes, Props are allowed.

3.        Any type of clown is allowed, Whiteface, Auguste, Tramp and Character.

4.        Each clown unit has 15 minutes to complete the task.


The Judges will be six grade classes of students.  Each will pick their favorite clown unit.  The unit with the most number picked will be first, then 2nd and then 3rd.


The subject of adding one man Parade Ability to competition was discussed.  A review of the ISCA rules and guidelines were discussed.  The idea showed no interest and died for a lack of a vote and second.


The following issues were discussed regarding the Mid-Winter Judging Criteria and Guidelines for Competition.  It was suggested to delete number six (6) which reads During all judging there will be ABSOLUTELY no objects in the contestants hands, no electrical devices, no flashing lights, etc. Except for Character Clowns.  A motion was made by Donald Henson seconded by Joe Lester motion passed by unanimous vote.


Robert Chesser of the Kiva Klowns made a motion to amend Article lll Judging paragraph “A” in the Rules and Regulations for the conduct of judging of competition for the Texas Shrine Clown Association.


Paragraph “A” currently reads:  Quantity:  One judge and one alternate.  Each competing unit must provide a judge, those eligible judges to be President or Vice-President or, in their absence, a past unit President, in that order.


 Proposed change to read:  Quantity:  One judge and one alternate.  Each competing unit must provide a judge, those eligible judges to be President or Vice President or in their absence an appointed designated Shriner from the competing Temple selected at the discretion of the competing unit.


After discussion the motion was seconded by first Vice President Joe Lester and the motion passed unanimously.


In closing President Eddie Cox invited everyone to Clown at the twilight parade at the State Fair of Texas and offered Free Passes and parking for all that wanted to attend.


The meeting adjourned in peace and harmony at 1:40 PM.



Respectfully submitted,




Bob “Checkers” Mantle

Secretary / Treasurer