By-Laws & T.S.A.

Rules for Competition





The object of this organization shall be to promote cordiality and good fellowship among the members; to promulgate rules and regulations for the conduct and general behavior at the Texas Shrine Association Ceremonials; and to perform such other functions as the common good of the member clown units may require.  None of the provisions herein contained shall be construed as in any manner abridging or conflicting with the Imperial code of the Imperial Council, A.A.O.N.M.S., now existing or hereinafter enacted.





Section 1:


This organization shall be known as the TEXAS SHRINE CLOWN ASSOCIATION, and shall be a subordinate body of and subject to the lawful control of the Texas Shrine Association.


Section 2:


The following definitions shall apply to the following words when used herein unless the contrary clearly appears from the context:


A.            “CLOWN UNIT” means any duly organized, properly costumed unit, operating under the jurisdiction of any temple, formed for the purpose of assisting in parades, entertaining and appearing at functions under the direction of the temple.  The number of clowns, units and members in such units shall be designated by its jurisdictional temple.


B.     “TEMPLE” means any temple of the A.A.O.N.M.S. belonging to the Texas Shrine Association.




D.    “CLOWN” means any Noble who is a member in good standing of a clown unit.





Section 1:


The clown units of all temples shall be eligible for the membership herein.


A.            For the purposes of the Association, any separate clown unit so designated by its jurisdictional temple shall be eligible for membership.


B     Before any clown unit can be admitted to membership in the Association, such membership must be approved by a majority vote of the Association.  If two or more clown units from any one temple are admitted to membership herein, each shall pay dues and each shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges as all other member units.


Section 2:


       Each Clown Unit with at least one duly authorized delegate, a member of such clown unit, in attendance at any meeting shall be entitled to three votes upon all questions coming before any such meeting.  Such three votes shall be split or voted as a unit at the discretion of the particular delegation.  Each delegation shall select its own chairman, who will be responsible to announce correctly the vote of his Clown Unit.  Furthermore, each chairman shall promptly notify the Secretary of this Association of his selection, and no Clown Unit shall be permitted either directly or indirectly to cast the vote of any other clown unit.


Section 3:


       In order to maintain active membership, each clown unit shall report the name and addresses of its officers to the Secretary of the Association and promptly notify him of any changes of either name or address.


Section 4:


       Newly joining Clown Units shall be a member of the Association for a minimum of four (4) years prior to offering a nominee from their unit for the office of President, only.





         The dues of each Clown Unit member of the  Association shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per annum payable to the Secretary-Treasurer on or before the opening of business at the Mid-Winter meeting.  The same is to be used for the expenses of the Association, as necessary.  Any unit failing to do so or in arrears in dues payment shall not be eligible to vote on matters brought up for vote to the Association.





Section 1:


       The elective officers of the Association shall be as follows:


              1st Vice President

              2nd Vice President

              Assemblymen (Three)




Section 2:


A.            Each officer shall be elected by majority of the votes cast after nominations from the floor at the mid-winter meeting.  Separate ballots shall be taken for each office.  President, 1st Vice President or 2nd Vice President shall not be from the same Clown Unit.  The Secretary-Treasurer can be from any Clown Unit.  Assemblymen (three) or Parliamentarian shall not be from the same Clown Unit. Each clown so elected shall take office and be installed at the close of the annual summer meeting of the Association, as provided in Article V, Section 1, and shall serve for one (1) year starting at the end of the Texas Shrine Association meeting in the summer and until the end of the Texas Shrine Association summer meeting the next year and until his successor is elected and qualified.


B.            The Board of Directors shall be composed of all Past Presidents and shall act in an advisory capacity.  All Presidents shall automatically become members of the Board of Directors immediately upon completion of their term of office.


C.           Vacancies to any office shall be filled in a timely manner with a member of the affected unit.  Any such clown serving as a replacement must submit to and be qualified as is described for candidates for office in Article IV, Section 2 D.


D.           All members for office in the Association must have Five (5) years of membership in a local TSCA clown unit.  All candidates for the office of 2nd Vice President must be a past unit President and shall submit to the Association Secretary a resume of his Past Shrine history and any other pertinent information along with a letter of recommendation and certification from his Temple Potentate.  The Association Secretary must receive the resume and accompanying letter in sufficient time for notification of all unit heads of the proposed candidate.  All candidates not submitting such information at least thirty (30) days prior to any such mid-winter meeting will be disqualified as to the office of2nd Vice President for that year.


Section 3:


No clown shall hold more than one (1) elective office in the Association at any one time.  All officers and all Past Presidents of the Association shall automatically be delegates to the Assembly without the formality of being elected as such.  Each Clown Unit may elect three (3) delegates to the Assembly in addition to any of its clowns who are automatically included, provided, however, that such increase in the number of delegates shall not operate to increase the number of votes which may be cast by any

Clown unit.





Section 1:


A.            The Association shall, with the consent of the Texas Shrine Association, meet annually at the same time and place as the Texas Shrine Association Ceremonial.  The Association shall also hold a regular Mid-Winter meeting during the month of March of each year, which meeting shall not be held at the same time and place as the Mid-Winter meeting of the Texas Shrine Association.  Any business which may be transacted at the annual meeting may be transacted at the Mid-Winter meeting except the installation of officers.


B.            Unless otherwise provided by resolution of statute, parliamentary procedures shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.


Section 2:


Special meetings may be called by the President at any time or place at his discretion or when requested by a majority of member Clown Units of the Association.


Section 3:


Representative from a majority of member Clown Units shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


Section 4:


If for any reason a Mid-Winter meeting of the Association is not held, then the Officers shall hold a regular Mid-Winter meeting during the month of February of each year at a time and place to be designated by the President.


Section 5:


Special meetings of the Officers shall be held at the call of the President or by request to him in writing by a majority of the elected Officers.  In such cases, the President shall designate the time and place, and the call for the meeting shall be issued in writing by the Secretary.


Section 6:


Four (4) Officers shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.





Section 1:


The President is the Chief Officer of the Association.  He will preside over all meetings of the Assembly and of the Officers.


Section 2:


When in his judgment the good of the Association requires it, the President shall have the power to call special meetings, specifying the business to be laid before such a meeting.


Section 3:


The President may do all such other acts and perform such other duties, not inconsistent with these By-Laws, as in his judgment the interests of the Association require.


Section 4:


The First Vice President shall assist the President and shall act in his capacity in the event the President is absent or unable to perform his duties.


Section 5:


The Second Vice President shall assist the President and shall act in his capacity in the event the President and First Vice President are absent or are unable to perform the President’s duties.


Section 6:


The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a correct record of the proceedings of all business meetings of the Association and of the Officers.  He shall conduct all correspondence for the Association and collect dues from the members.  All moneys are to be deposited in a federally insured bank or trust company in the name and subject to the order of the Association.  He shall pay all orders authorized to be drawn on him, such order to be signed by him and by the President.  He shall have his books, papers, and accounts at each meeting and shall make a report of his receipts and disbursements.  He shall perform such other duties appertaining to his office as my be required.


Section 7:


The Assemblymen shall be responsible for administering the conduct and award trophies and such other awards as the Association shall, from time to time, establish.





These By-Laws may be amended at the Annual meetings or the Mid-Winter meetings of the Association by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, voting as provided in Article II, Section 2.  Proposed amendments shall be in writing and shall be filed with the Secretary-Treasurer thirty (30) days prior to the Annual meeting or the Mid-Winter meeting of the Association, as the case may be; and the Secretary-Treasurer shall promptly notify each member Clown Unit thereof.  The entire section to be amended must be fully written out exactly as it is to be read with the proposed amendment incorporated therein.





Section 1:


This Association and its By-Laws shall be subject to the approval or disapproval of the Texas Shrine Association.


Section 2:


This Association shall not have meetings at Texas Shrine Association meetings except upon approval of said Shrine Association as to time and place and manner of meeting.


Section 3:


The Texas Shrine Association shall not be responsible for any expense incurred by the Association.


Section 4:


Any change in the By-Laws of the Association shall be presented to the Texas Shrine Association for approval.





These By-Laws shall become effective upon adoption and upon approval by the Texas Shrine Association.