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March 7, 2016

T.S.C.A. Mid-Winter Business Meeting Minutes

Maskat Shrine Center



President Greg “Fuzzy” Talley called the business meeting of The Texas Shrine Clown Association to order at 2:00 PM on Friday March 7, 2016.


First Vice President Steve “Boinky” Starr lead the assembly in the pledge of allegiance to the American and Texas Flags.


T.S.C.A. Chaplain Jim “Hot Rod” Wells offered up the invocation.


President Greg “Fuzzy” Talley welcomed everyone to Wichita Falls and the Maskat Shrine Center.  He thanked everyone for their participating in competition.


President Henson introduced the officers in attendance. 

First Vice President

Second Vice President

Secretary / Treasurer





There were no ISCA officers in attendance


President Greg “Fuzzy” Talley requested a roll call of units.  Roll call was taken by Secretary / Treasurer David “Howie-U” Olivares.  During roll call each unit was given the opportunity to introduce their Divan members and Dignitaries in attendance.


There were eleven (11) clown units out of nineteen present at the meeting.

The following clown units were present.  Al Amin Corpus, Alzafar Kerr, Alzafar NEMNUF,  Ben Hur SREKOJS, El Maida, El Mina Braz Clowns, Hella, Khiva Lubbock, Maskat,Moslah and Sharon.


Following the roll call of units, the secretary was requested to read the minutes of the T.S.C.A. business meeting and election of state officers that was held June 5, 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas. A motion was made and seconded to waive the reading of the minutes.The motion passed. Copies of the minutes are posted on the clown website and can be reviewed at any time.


The Secretary / Treasure David “Howie-U” Olivares was requested to read the treasurers report.  A detailed report was read and accepted by unanimous vote.  The Association funds are tracked through Quicken 2016. Copies of the report are available at any time for review.


President Talley requested a Black Camel Report from each unit. The following names were reported.


Al Amin – Red  and Don

Alzafar Kerr – Bill Angel

Ben Hur – Eddie Jones

Karem – Woody Woodward

Khiva – Jimmie Olsen

Maskat Gene Miller

Sharon – Willie Green                           


T.S.C.A. Chaplain Jim “Hot Rod” Wells offered a prayer of remembrance for all our deceased members. The members’ names will be added to our friends remembered list, posted on the clown web site.


Old Business

President Talley called on the Secretary/ Treasurer, David “Howie-U” Olivares to report on an officers meeting held in San Antonio to update the Bylaws, rules and regulations. Noble Olivares reported that the officer went back through the minutes for several years to see what changes needed to be made. Each one was gone through and added and or corrected. The updated copies will be placed on the Association Website.


President Henson opened the floor for old business.  Being no further old business President Talley called for New Business


New Business


It was brought up that the several members of the Association had been talking about inviting the Sweethearts (Widows) of the Association to Mid Winter. It was regularly moved and seconded that the Association invite and Comp the registrations of all Sweethearts who would like to attend the Mid Winters and it also suggested that the Unit of the Sweetheart night pay for their room although it was mandated. There being no discussion the motion was voted on and was passed unanimously.


Hella Clown President Lance Goff Spoke about Camp Love Without Limits in Bryan college Station. Noble Goff made a motion that the Texas Shrine Clown Association sponsor two kids for the amount $500 per child for a total donation of $1000. After a brief discussion the motion was passed.


A motion was made by the Secretary/ Treasurer to pay our web site manager Barry Lucas $100.00. The motion passed


A Letter was read by President Talley from Keith Goolsby concerning the Clowns participating in the Galveston Hospital 50th Anniversary Celebration.


The Secretary/ Treasurer brought up the topic of Inactive Clown units that have not paid their dues. It was discussed that we need to contact each to make sure they want to remain as members of the association. The topic was tabled until further investigation is done.


The Secretary/ Treasurer was called upon to speak about the TSA Trophies. It was discussed to not go through TSA for trophies and possibly go with a traveling banner for over all winner and certificates for all other award winners. It was recommended that the Association investigate the cost associated with this change before acting upon it and report back to the Association at the TSA Clown Breakfast Meeting. The President tabled the topic to be reported on at TSA.


President Talley let the Association knows that the TSA Clown Breakfast has not been set yet but will get with Arabia to get the info and once set up we will post it on the Association Website and also send out communication to each unit. Secretary/ Treasurer Olivares asked that all units send in Officer information so we can remain in contact with the members of the association.


President Greg “Fuzzy” Talley requested Secretary/ Treasurer Emeritus Bob “Checkers” Mantel to conduct the election of new officers for the ensuing year 2017-2017.

There being two running for 2nc Vice President, Ronnie Lee of Ben Hur and Alan Jones of Al Amin the units present were allowed to caucus for 5 minutes


With protocol being established all nominations were made and voted on by the members of the Association.



The following new officers were voted on for the ensuing year 2016-2016


President - Stephen “Boinky” Starr of the Alzafar NEMNUF Clowns

1st Vice President- Willie “Chilly Willie” Howell of the El Mina Braz Clowns

2nd Vice President – Alan “Honey” Jones

Secretary / Treasurer David “Howie-U” Olivares of the Alzafar NEMNUF Clowns

Parliamentarian Bobby “Ice Bucket” Miller of the Alzafar NEMNUF Clowns

Assemblyman Matt Salgado of the El Maida Clowns

Assemblyman Drew Paxton of the Khiva Lubbock Clowns

Assemblyman Jerry Barrera of the Hella Clowns


Following the election of officers was the pulling of number by units for TSA Skits.

The order is as follows:

1.       Moslah

2.       Alzafar NEMNUF

3.       Maskat

4.       Al Amin

5.       El Mina

6.       Ben Hur

7.       Sharon

8.       Alzafar Kerr

9.       Hella


Skit times and location will be posted in program provided by TSA.


First Vice President Steve “Boinky” Starr of the Alzafar NEMNUF Clowns gave a brief overview of his plans for

The 2017 Texas Shrine Clown Association Mid Winter, which will be held in San Antonio, Texas on March  through March 2017 at the Holiday Inn Hotel located at Hwy 281 & Redland Road. If your unit wants to have a hospitality room you need to make sure and book that through the hotel separately.  All information will be posted on the clown web site when made available.


President Tally Reported that the Awards Banquet was casual and would be held at the Maskat Shrine Center


There being nothing further to offer the TSCA Chaplain Jim “Hot Rod” Wells gave the closing benediction.


The meeting adjourned at 2:53 pm in peace and harmony.



Fraternally submitted,




David “Howie-U” Olivares

T.S.C.A. Secretary / Treasurer