Chuck “Cheetoe” Hudson

Garland, Texas


March 13,2015


T.S.C.A Mid – Winter Business Meeting



The Texas Shrine Clown Association held its annual business meeting and election of new officers on March 13, 2015.  The meeting was held at Hella Shine in Garland, Texas.


President Chuck “Cheetoe” Hudson from Hella Clowns called the meeting to order.


Chuck opened the meeting by thanking everyone for coming to Garland, Texas and participating in competition.


Greg Talley, 1st Vice President of the Association led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and Texas Flag.  Chaplain Steve Conley gave the invocation.


President Chuck Hudson then requested that Secretary/Treasurer John “Spinner” Krodel call roll of the units.  The roll of units was called. 


Following the roll call Secretary/Treasurer John ”Spinner” Krodel asked to read the minutes from TSA in June, 2014.  A motion was made and seconded to suspend the reading of the minutes.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.  Copies of the minutes are posted on the clown web site.


Following the reading of the Treasurers report, Secretary John Krodel was asked to poll the units for a Black Camel Report. The following members were reported: Paul Mix from Ben Hur, Hassel Grimes from Hella, Duffie Riddle, Louis Miller, and Jake Roberts from Karem, Jimmy Holland from Maskat, Wayne Kamper and Wayne Chaberg from Moslah.


TSCA Chaplain, Steve Conley offered a prayer of remembrance for all our deceased members.  The member’s names will be added to our ‘Friends Remembered List’, posted on the clown website.


A motion and it was seconded to send $500.00 to the Red Sneaker Fund. This motion passed by a unanimous vote.


President Hudson then opened the floor for old business. There being none, the meeting proceeded.


President Hudson then opened the floor for new business. 


A discussion was held regarding the rules for check in and times.

Bobby Miller will investigate and propose a rules change at TSA.  


With protocol being established all nominations were made and voted on by the members of the association.  The following new officers were voted on and elected for the ensuing year 2015-2016:


President:                            Greg “ Fuzzy” Talley of Maskat Clowns

1st Vice President:               Stephen ‘Boinki” Starr of Alzafar Clowns

2nd Vice President:              Willie ”Chillie Willy” Howell of El Mina Clowns

Secretary/Treasurer:           David Olivarios Alzafar Clowns

Parliamentarian:                 Bobby “Ice Bucket” Miller of Alzafar

Assemblyman:                    Jake Newman of Moslah Clowns

Assemblyman:                    Harvey “Woody” Woodard of Karem Clowns

Assemblyman:                    Mike “Yoo Hoo”Coffee of Kerr Clowns


A report was given from Harvey “Woody” Woodard


President Hudson mentioned the TSA Breakfast and stated that it will be in Corpus Christi.  Details will follow just as soon as all the details are confirmed.


The next order of business was the pulling of numbers for TSA Make-up and skit competition.


The following is the order for competition with time and location to be determined:


1st  Moslah

2nd  Maskat

3rd  Al Amin

4th  Sharon

5th  El Mina

6th  Hella

7th   Alzafar

8th  Kerr Klowns


The divan of each unit was recognized.


Motion made and seconded to adjourn.  Motion passed.


TSCA Chaplin, Steve Conley gave the closing Benediction.


There being no further business the meeting closed  in peace and harmony.


Respectfully submitted,


John “Spinner” Krodel

TSCA Secretary/Treasurer