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March 6, 2010


T.S.C.A. Mid-Winter Business Meeting



The Texas Shrine Clown Association held it’s annual business meeting and election of new officers on March 6, 2010.  The meeting was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel located at 6121 North I-35 in Austin, Texas.


President Sam “Lucky” Taylor of the Ben Hur Srekoj Clowns called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM.


Sam opened the meeting by thanking everyone for coming to Austin, Texas and participating in competition.


Bobby “Ice Bucket” Miller First Vice President of the Association led the assembly in the pledge allegiance to the American Flag.  Chaplain Elwood “Woody” Rice gave the invocation.


President Sam Taylor introduced the officers of The Texas Shrine Clown Association.


Following introductions President Sam Taylor requested that Secretary/ Treasurer Bob “Checkers” Mantle due a roll call of units.  During roll call each unit was given the opportunity to introduce their Divan Members and Dignitaries in attendance.  There were nine (9) clown units present out of 18.  The following units were not in attendance.  Al Amin Coprus-Al Amim Pharr (3 yr’s) -El Maida (3 yr’s) El Mina Beaumont (2 yr’s) El Mina Braz-Clowns (4 yr’s) Khiva Amarillo-Khiva Lubbock-Suez Abilene and Suez Three Rivers.


Following roll call Secretary / Treasurer Bob  Mantle was asked to read the minutes of the TSA business meeting  of June 5, 2009.  A motion was made and seconded to suspend the reading of the minutes.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.  Copies of the minutes are posted on the clown web site.


While at the podium, Secretary / Treasurer Mantle was asked to read the treasurers report.  A complete and detailed report was given for all income and expenses since the June 2009 meeting.  A motion was made by Jim Wells and seconded by Bobby Miller to except the treasurer’s report as read.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.


Following the reading of the Treasurers report Secretary Bob Mantle was asked to pull the units for a Black Camel Report.  The following members were reported.  John Stude of the Ben Hur Srekoj Clowns, Fred Haskell of the Hella Clowns and Jim Booker Potentate and Dwayne Cochran Past TSCA President 2006-2007, Both from the Sharon Clowns.


TSCA Chaplain Elwood Rice offered a prayer of remembrance for all our deceased members.  The member’s names will be added to our friends remembered list, posted on the clown web site.


President Sam Taylor introduced all International Shrine Clown officers in attendance.  Past President Joe Cole and Past President Bill London.  There were no current officers in attendance.


President Taylor then opened the floor for old business.  There being none the meeting proceeded.


President Taylor then opened the floor for new business.  Secretary / Treasure Bob Mantle was asked to read the minutes of the special called meeting which was held in Waco, Texas August 15, 2009.  The minutes covered changes to The Texas Shrine Clown Association Rules and Regulation and some changes to the current by-laws.  The by-law changes will be votes on at TSA in June.  The changes to the by-law and rules and regulations are posted on the clown web site.


There was a lengthy discussion about holding all midwinter activities each year in Waco, Texas.  Joe Cole made a motion to have the TSCA Officers appoint a committee to investigate pricing and hotel accommodations.  The motion was seconded by Don Henson the motion passed by unanimous vote.  The committee is to report it’s finding at TSA in June 2010.


Wayne Kamper of the Moslah Clowns gave a brief overview about the arrangements for the clown breakfast and business meeting to be held in Fort Worth, Texas.  The clown breakfast will be Friday June 4, 2010 at 7:00AM.  The breakfast will be held at the Moslah Shine Grand Ballroom at 1320 Henderson St. Ft Worth, Texas 76101.  The cost of the breakfast is $20.00 per person.  The registration form and checks should be mailed to the address listed on the form.  Registration forms can be downloaded from the clown web site.  The deadline for registration is May 28, 2010.


While at the podium Wayne gave a presentation about a Charity Gala and Auction that the Moslah Shrine Center will be hosting on April 17, 2010.  The charity gala will be held at the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  All net proceeds will be sent to the Shrine Hospitals located in Houston and Galveston, Texas.  Additional information about the event can be found at


The next order of business was a motion by Joe Cole and seconded by Donald Henson to pay out web site manager Barry Lucas $150.00 to manage out web site activities and to pay $50.00 for our annual hosting fee.

The motion passed by unanimous vote.


The next order of business was the election of new officers for the ensuing year 2010-2011.


With protocol being established all nominations were made and voted on by the members of the Association.


The following new officers were voted on and elected for the ensuing year 2010-2011


President: Bobby “Ice Bucket” Miller  of the Alzafar Nemnuf Clowns

1st Vice President: Jimmy “Firecracker” Jennings of the Sharon Clowns

2nd Vice President: Billy “Precious” Neimeyer Sr. of the Maskat Clowns

Secretary/ Treasurer: Jim “Hot rod” Wells of the Hella Clowns

Parliamentarian: Don Lil-Bit Henson of the Hella Clowns

Assemblyman: Vernon “PoGo” King of Arbia Clowns

Assemblyman: Billy “Shadow” Neimeyer Jr. of the Maskat Clowns

Assemblyman: W.R. “Tobby” Clayton of the Hella Clowns.


Following the election of officers Woody “Woodard of the Karem Clowns made a motion to make outgoing Secretary/Treasurer Bob “Checkers” Mantle Secretary/Treasurer Emeritus.  Joe Cole seconded the motion and the vote passed by unanimous vote.  Bob was granted permission to purchase a two-line Emeritus fez to be paid for by the Clown Association.


Following the election of officers President Sam Taylor ask for a report from the Assemblymen.  Ray Dark of the Sharon Clowns gave a brief report, and then passed the hat for donation for the red sneaker fund.  A total of

$310.00 was collected.


The next order of business was the pulling of numbers for TSA Make-up, Skit and Paradeabily competition.  The following is the order for competition with time and location to be determined.


First up will be Sharon Clowns, 2nd Karem, 3rd Maskat, 4th Arabia Clown Jewels, 5th Ben Hur Srekoj clowns, 6th Moslah 7th Hella, 8th Alzafar Nemnuf.


Make-up and costume will be judged first followed by unit skit competition and concluded by paradeabiliy competition.  Starting times will be sent to each participating unit President and secretary in a before the start of competition.  This information will also be discussed at the judges meeting following the clown breakfast.


In closing President Sam Taylor addressed the dress code for the awards dinner.


TSCA Chaplin Elwood “Woody” Rice gave the closing Benediction.


Just for the record, The Texas Shrine Clown Association through donations and raffles raised $6,885.00 for the ISCA Red Sneaker Fund.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 3:40 PM in peace and harmony.


Respectfully submitted,


Bob “Checkers” Mantle


Bob “Checkers” Mantle

TSCA Secretary / Treasurer