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T.S.C.A Mid Winter Business Meeting

Holiday Inn South Fort Worth, Texas

March 6, 2004



President George “Pudgie” White called the meeting of the Texas Shrine Clown Association to order at 2:00 PM on March 6, 2004. 


First Vice President Eddie” Fireplug” Cox was requested to lead the assembly in the pledge of allegiance to the American and Texas flags. T.S.C.A. Chaplain Wayne “Wano” Chambers offered the invocation.


President George “Pudgie” White welcomed everyone to Fort Worth and extended his appreciation to everyone’s participation in the events of competition.


President George “Pudgie” White introduced the following T.S.C.A. Officers.  Parliamentarian Randell “Randy” Dunn, Chaplain Wayne “Wano” Chambers, Secretary / Treasurer Bob “Checkers” Mantle, Second Vice President Joe “Blades” Lester and First Vice President Eddie “Fireplug” Cox.  After introducing the officers of the association President George White introduced the three assemblymen in attendance.  Vern “Pogo” King, Jerry “Larry-Ett” Williams and Wayne “YoYo” Duncan.


President George White then requested a T.S.C.A roll call of units.  Roll call was given by Secretary / Treasurer Bob Mantle.  During roll call each unit President was given the opportunity to introduce their Divan Members and Dignitaries in attendance.


There were twelve (12) clown units out of eighteen present at the meeting.  The following clown units were not in attendance.  Al Amin Corpus, Al Amin Pharr, El Maida, El Mina Braz-Clowns, Khiva Amarillo and Maskat.  All clown units with the exception of El Mina Braz-Clowns and Khiva Amarillo have paid their 2004 dues.  Khiva Amarillo has not paid dues since 2002.


President George White then called for the reading of the T.S.C.A. June 6, 2003 breakfast minutes.  A motion was made by Joe Cole and seconded by Mike Coffey to waive the reading of the minutes and let them stand as written.  The motion carried by unanimous vote.  It was noted a copy of the minutes are posted on the Texas Shrine Clown web site for viewing.


While at the podium Secretary / Treasurer Bob Mantle read a complete detailed financial summary to the assembly.  The amount of income since the treasurer’s report of June 6, 2003 was reported as $1,952.22 giving the association revenue of $4,573.94 before expenses.  The amount of expenses since the last treasures report amounted to $293.66.  Thus leaving a current balance in the checking account of $4,280.28.  The members were reminded that the association funds are being tracked through the software account Quicken 2000.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the treasurer’s report as read.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.









George White-Moslah


1st Vice President

Eddie Cox-Hella


2nd Vice President

Joe Lester-Arabia



Bob Mantle - Hella



C. Wayne Chambers-Moslah



Randall Dunn - Hella



Wayne Duncan-Alzafar

Jerry Williams-Suez Three Rivers

Vern King-Arabia


Past Presidents and

Board of Directors


‘60-’61 Barney Koepp-BEN HUR*

‘61-’62 Max O. Slade-BEN HUR*

‘62-’63 Jack Walders-KHIVA*

‘63-’64 Fred Stancliff Sr.-ARABIA*

‘64-’65 Clint McKethan-KAREM

‘65-’66 Ralph L. Davis-SHARON

‘66-’67 L. Troy Woerner-HELLA*

‘67-’68 L. Ed Travis-ALZAFAR

‘68-’69 Al E. Peveto-EL MINA

‘69-’70 Harold Bristol-MASKAT

‘70-’71 J.R. Brady-MOSLAH

‘71-’72 Cecil Gilum-SUEZ

‘72-’73 Alvin H. Jones-BEN HUR

‘73-’74 Porter Ridlehuber-KAREM*

‘74-’75 Bill Coffey-ALZAFAR*

‘75-’76 C. L. Osborn-ARABIA

‘76-’77 J. H. Armstrong-EL MINA

‘77-’78 John W. Brown-SHARON*

‘78-’79 J. Tom Shelton-MOSLAH *

‘79-’80 W. C. Watts-EL MINA*

‘80-’81 Eddie Jones-BEN HUR

‘81-’82 Marion Moore-KHIVA*

‘82-’83 Joe Gulinson-ALZAFAR*

‘83-’84 John S. Gordon-ARABIA

‘84-’85 Homer Kennedy-SHARON

‘85-’86 Dale Kell-SUEZ

‘86-’87 Randall Dunn-HELLA

‘87-’88 James Blackburn-EL MINA

‘88-’89 Coy Hart-MOSLAH

‘89-’90 Joe Cole-BEN HUR

‘90-’91 Gordon Williams-ALZAFAR *

‘91-’92 Floyd Crawley-SHARON

‘92-’93 Don Billings-ARABIA

‘93-’94 Mike Coffey-ALZAFAR

‘94-’95 Bill Arrendale-BEN HUR

‘95-’96 Kenny Williams-KAREM

‘96-’97 Barney Johnson-SUEZ

‘97-’98 Pete Peters-SHARON

‘98-’99 Dennis Greenawald-Hella

Wesley Henson*

‘99-’00 Butch Davis-Al Amin

’00-’01 H. Leighton Roddy-Moslah

’01-’02 Bennie Bowers-Alzafar

“02-03 Jim Fite-Sharon *





President George White called for the Black Camel Report of all deceased members since the last association meeting.  The following names were reported.  George Ellis Alzafar Nemnuf, Freeman Oats Alzafar Nemnuf,, Ray Barnett Alzafar Kerr Clowns, William Thomas Ben Hur, Joe Vineyard Hella Clowns, Grover Tyler Hella Clowns, Perry Hargrove Hella Clowns, Jim Hayes Khiva Lubbock and Jim Fite Past TSCA President 2002-2003 Sharon Clowns.  These names will be added to friends remembered listed and posted on the clown web site.


President George White asked Chaplain Wayne Chambers to offer a prayer in memory of all our deceased members.


Joe Cole Past TSCA President made a motion to make a $500.00 donation to the International Sneaker Fund in memory of all the deceased clowns that were lost to the black camel during the year.  Bennie Bowers seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


President George White introduced the judges for competition and members of I.S.C.A. that were in attendance.  Ed “Stripes” Whitenett, Larry “Foooey” Stringer and Richard “RC’ Cain.  He thanked them for taking time out of their busy schedules to be part of our activities.  President George White also introduced past I.S.C.A. President Joe “Ol Coach” Cole from Ben Hur Clowns.


President George White recognized Woody Woodard of the Karem Clown Unit to present information on the TSA Clown breakfast, which will be held in Waco, Texas in June.  Woody passed out registration forms for the breakfast.  The clown breakfast and installation of new officers will be Friday June 4, 2004 at 7:30 AM.  The breakfast will be at the Karem Temple Ballroom located at 400 Karem Circle Waco, Texas.  The cost is $10.00 per person.  NO TICKETS will be sold at the door.  The deadline for reservation is May 29, 2004.  The reservation form can be downloaded from the clown web site.


The All State (TSA) will be held in Waco, Texas the 3rd,4th and 5th of June.  All competing units must be registered.  Please refer to the TSCA By-Laws.  There will be a mandatory meeting for all competing clown units at the Waco Convention Center following the judges meeting on Thursday June 3rd 2004.  The judges meeting starts at 4:30 PM. 


President George White asks for a motion to pay $100.00 each to our web site managers Douglas King and Barry Lucas.  A motion was made by Joe Cole and seconded by Pete Peters to pay each $100.00.  The motion passed unanimous.


The next order of business brought before the membership was a proposed bylaw change to Article III Judging Section “F” Nemnuf Trophy and paragraphs 1,2,3.  Because of the new patient privacy law called HIPPA and the rules associated with it, the Texas Shrine Clown Association has elected to eliminate the trophy award associated with the Nemnuf Award criteria.  After several minutes of discussion, the motion was made by Past TSCA President Ed Travis and seconded by Wayne Duncan to eliminate the judging criteria and award from competition.  This requires a By-Law change and will be presented and voted on at the next TSCA Business Meeting.  A copy of the proposed bylaw change will be posted on the clown website for members to review.


The next order of business was pulling numbers for skit competition at TSA.  Skits will be held at the Fine Arts Building at the Fair Grounds on Friday June 4, 2004 starting at 2:00 PM Sharp. The orders of skits are as follows.  (1) Karem Clowns, (2) Suez Three Rivers, (3) Sharon Clowns, (4) Moslah Clowns, (5) Hella Clowns, (6) Alzafar Nemnuf, (7) Arabia Clown Jewels, (8) Ben Hur Srekoj Clowns, (9) Khiva Lubbock.


The Karem Clown unit presented a check in the amount of $100.00 to be donated to the sneaker fund in memory of Past President Jim Fite.  Other donation to the sneaker fund came from the Sharon Clowns who donated $1020.00 and Alzafar Nemnuf Clowns who donated a check in the amount of $1000.00.


President George White called on Parliamentarian Randell Dunn to conduct the election of new officers for the ensuing year 2004-2005.  Parliamentarian Randell Dunn put into nomination the name of Eddie “Fireplug” Cox of the Hella Clowns for the office of TSCA President for the ensuing year 2004-2005.  The nominations were closed and Eddie Cox was elected by acclimation.


Randell Dunn then put the name of Joe “Blades” Lester into nomination for First Vice President for the ensuring year 2004-2005.  The nominations were closed and Joe Lester was elected by acclimation.


Parliamentarian Randell Dunn open the nomination for 2nd Vice President.  Pete Peters Past President of TSCA put up the name of Dewayne “Popcorn” Cochran of the Sharon Clowns for the office of 2nd Vice President for the ensuring year 2004-2005.  Randell Dunn then recognized David Olivares of the Alzafar Nemnuf Clown unit.  David put up the name of Past Potentate Wayne “YOYO” Duncan of the Alzafar Nemnuf Clowns for the office of 2nd Vice President for the ensuing year 2004-2005.  There being no further nominations a vote by units was taken and Dewayne “Popcorn” Cochran won the election for the office of 2nd Vice President for the ensuing year 2004-2005 by a vote of 22 to 14.


Parliamentarian Randell Dunn then opened the nomination for Secretary / Treasurer.  Charles Holland President of the Hella Shrine Clowns put up the name of Bob “Checkers” Mantle for nomination.  There being no further nominations, the nominations were closed and Bob “Checkers” Mantle was elected to the office of Secretary / Treasurer.


President George White opened the floor for nominations for Parliamentarian.   Charles Holland President of the Hella Shrine Clown unit put up the name of Randell “Randy” Dunn to serve as Parliamentarian for the ensuing year 2004-2005.  There being no further nominations the nominations were closed and Randell “Randy” Dunn was elected Parliamentarian by a unanimous vote.


President George White then opened the floor for the election of three Assemblymen.  The following were elected to serve as Assemblymen for the ensuing year 2004-2005.  Eddie “Jingles” Wood of the Moslah Clowns, Don “Duddle” Billings of the Arabia Clown Jewels and Robert “Strikeout” Chesser of the Khiva Klowns of Lubbock.


After completing the election of officers President George White asked for a report from our current Assemblymen.  As usual their report was incomplete and the bank bag is still lost or misplaced.  Hopefully the new Assemblymen can give a better report in 2005.


President George White than gave a brief overview of the dress code for the Saturday Night awards banquet.  He mentioned the Moslah roast to their new President and announced the time and place of the roast.


President George White thanked everyone for coming to Fort Worth, then asked the Chaplain Wayne Chambers to give the closing benediction.


There being no further business the meeting adjourned in peace and harmony.







Bob “Checkers” Mantle

TSCA Secretary / Treasurer